The Super G is a 60,000 square ft. international food mart located in Greensboro, NC. Below are some reviews and descriptions from shoppers.

Inside the supermarket is an equally grand flea market. The flea market is open everyday and hosts a variety of vendors. Each vendor has a little shops -selling goods and services.

McKnight and Walton have turned our shop into a "residency space". This space can act as a central hub for exploring the Super G, an actual site for social engagement, a temporary resource for the public, or simply a place to sit and do nothing. So far, all residents have been immediately taken in as "family" amongst the vendors. Its very similar to moving into a very small and welcoming neighborhood.

Resident groups range from professionals and amateurs in a vast variety of disciplines from musicians, architects, poets, yoga masters, carpenters, anthropologists, chefs, athletes, and more.

The Super G Mart is located at:

4927 West Market Street
Greensboro, NC 

You can call them at this number: (336) 252-1055

Getting there by car, foot or unicycle.

Getting there by bus


From Chowhound

This is a new international grocery store that just opened in the "Fanta-City" Shopping Center on W. Market Street. Its an amazing place. It carries primarily asian products, with a good supply of hispanic products as well. Everything from fresh produce to meat, fish, dry goods, etc, etc. Some of the stuff is amazingly exotic, at least by Greensboro standards. Durian fruit, more different kinds of rice than I knew existed, drago fruit (?!), all kinds of chilis, frozen food, fresh seafood, japanese crackers, phillipino hot sauce, sugar cane, cactus leaves, teas, soy sauces, fish sauce and on and on. Fun place to go and browse. And the prices are great...whole red snapper for $5.99 per pound. Shrimp for $4.99 per pound. Pineapples for $2.29. Definitely check it out! By carolinadawg

From Chowhound

Absolutely thrilled that it's finally open. It's good and clean, and I hope they keep it that way. One thing my wife and I noticed was that beyond the Asian/Hispanic food items, there were also a lot of "regular" groceries to choose from. We even joked that it's the perfect place for us to shop (we're a mixed-race couple). They seem to restock quickly, too. I went Wednesday and they were out of durians. Went back Sunday and there were plenty to choose from. Great prices on seafood. The steaks in the meat section looked like they were a little aged, to be honest. There are also several spaces up front for small stores to go into. I'm hoping they put in a bakery like Grand Asia in Cary.


From Yelp

What a fun shopping experience! The produce section is amazing! It makes our regular grocery store's produce pale in comparison.  Of course, there are a LOT of items there I would have no clue what to do with but I'm adventurous and will probably find new favorites!  And the prices are great, too! I went there too late one night to experience the side shops but plan to get back there earlier sometime (I work and stay in High Point) to see what they are all about. I did have some of the made-on-the-premises rice cakes and I will NEVER eat a Quaker Oats rice cake again! We closed the place down so didn't get to see everything - it's like a field trip! I look forward to my next chance to shop there.

From Ann H

From Yelp

Super G Mart is like a slice of LA heaven that just dropped into the Triad. This international grocery store and swap meet and mini-mall is all you could desire for your international food and product needs, particularly if you seek Asian or unusual Latin products.

The entire shopping center is owned by a Korean, so there is certainly a bias towards East Asian foods and products. There are foods I thought I would never see in North Carolina, like sugar cane, cactus, perilla leaves, fresh whole fish, live blue crabs, bento boxes, Korean grapes and pears...the list goes on and on. I have bought Japanese sponges and veggie peelers, a giant selection of dried beans, fruits, nuts, and veggies, Korean rice cakes and Japanese mochi, Indonesian fruits, tons of frozen fish, meat, and dumplings, unusual FRESH cuts of beef, pork, and chicken, Japanese sauces and sweets, every variety of rice...need I say more? If you haven't been to an international store, start with Super G Mart and just explore.

Also, check out the shops and swap meet that take up the other half of the store. You never know what you might find there, including beautiful Asian furniture (ever seen a Korean marble bed?), Hello Kitty trinkets, luggage, and more. Walking into Super G Mart is like walking around California, with the beautiful sounds and sights of diversity.

From Audra E

From Yelp

Super G Mart is one of the highlights of Greensboro. It makes you feel connected to the rest of the world in an instant. The quality and the diversity of food it carries is uncomparable to anything else I have seen in the local stores, including the so-called organic stores. You can find fresh fish, unusual cuts of meat, very diverse produce and fruits from various parts of the world, and most importantly--the prices are unbeatable. They even give you a "present" for spending 99$ or more. If you cook with herbs, don't waste your money at the supermarkets. This is the place that gives you both quality and quantity for what you pay for.

I love this store. How can you not?!

From Uyuy M.